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Forrest City Animal Shelter
2890 Mallory Road
Forrest City Police Department 870-633-3434
Forrest City Area Humane Society 870-633-7036 (if no contact, please leave a message)
Forrest City Humane Society

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Forrest City Animal Shelter

The Animal Control Officers and Shelter operations are currently under the direction of the Forrest City Police Department since June 4th, 2010.

Forrest City Animal Control Officers are charged with the protecting the public from stray and loose dogs. In addition, they are charged with taking care of the dogs that come into the Forrest City Animal Shelter. They are responsible for picking up loose dogs, enforcing the city’s dog related ordinances, and removal of animals which have been killed by vehicles on the streets within the City of Forrest City. The Animal Control Officers are also responsible for the shelter itself. Housed at the shelter are dogs collected by the ACO and the Forrest City Area Humane Society.

All dogs kept within the city limits are required to have current City Dog Tags as well as Rabies Vaccination tags. Please bring your certificate of vaccination from the veterinarian when getting your tags. City dog tags may be purchased at City Hall located at 224 North Rosser Street in Forrest City during regular business hours. This is required annually. The cost for city dog tags is five dollars ($5.00) per year for each sterilized dog or ten dollars ($10.00) per year for each unsterilized dog.

The Forrest City Area Humane Society handles the adoptions of dogs from the shelter. In accordance with Arkansas Criminal Code 20-19-103, the dog has to be spayed or neutered when adopted from the shelter. Please contact the humane society for adoption information. 870-633-7036

Shelter Map


225 North Washington Street 
Forrest City, AR 72335
Phone: (870) 633-1315


Non-Emergency: (870) 261-1418
Roy Hamilton (870) 261-2035
Darin Flenoy (870) 261-3151

Mr. Richard Rice (870) 317-6525


Emergency: (870) 633-1571
Non-Emergency: (870) 633-2921


Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency: (870) 633-3434


Emergency: (870) 633-1533
Non-Emergency: (870) 633-2414